• Tatiana Koval

Pump Up Your Protein: Easy ways to get more Protein in throughout the Day

If you're reading this article you probably already know the importance of getting getting adequate protein in your diet. But, knowing the importance of protein - and how much protein you should eat in a day, is entirely different than actually getting that much protein in in a day. So, like many, if you're struggling to reach your protein intake, and you want some tips on easy ways to get more protein into your diet, these 5 tips are for you!

Tip #1 Play With the Portions;

Yes this one might seem self explanatory, BUT if you’re someone who tracks food you might feel like you’re put in a box. You look at the nutrition label, see the macros, see the serving size, and then just go with that. But remember! On your food tracker, you can change the portions to 1.5, 1.25, hell you can do 1.8, you can do whatever portion you want!! So if you have a protein dense food source, don’t be afraid to do 4.5oz instead of the standard 4 oz serving it may have listed on the container.

Tip #2 Protein Powder;

Yes its 100% more ideal if you can get your protein intake from whole foods. HOWEVER if its repeatedly a struggle for you to hit your protein intake, maybe because you’re on the go and not consistent with meal prepping, maybe you’re trying to up your calories and having trouble consuming that much solid food, whatever it may be! Adding protein powder can be a game changer since most powders have more than 20 grams of protein! For the average person who has no dietary restrictions I would advise looking for a Whey Protein Isolate. Whey protein isolate is the smallest protein molecule removed from the lactose and the casein components, so its more easily absorbable as well as easier than some others on the digestive system. There is evidence that shows protein is better consumed before your workout as well as after.

In my personal opinion I tend to side with consuming being more essential post workout. This is because post workout your muscles are most depleted and most searching for readily available protein, so to avoid muscle break down, a quick protein shake post workout can do ya good!

Tip #3 Collagen;

In my opinion collagen is one of the most underutilized sources of protein. Did you know that 33% of the protein in your body is found in the form of collagen. There is actually a new strain of diets surfacing called “the collagen diet” due to the increased positive health findings in relation to collagen supplementation. Some benefits include hair, skin, nail, brain, and MOST importantly, joint health! Plus there’s that added bonus of being a protein specific supplement. Aka the one I’m using has 18g of protein, 0g of fat, and 0g of carbs.

Tip #4 Plan Ahead

Another fool proof way to slay the day and take all the guess work out of your eating for that day. If you’re currently using a food tracking app, the night before, plug in what you will be eating the next day and that way you can play around with portion sizes and protein rich options instead of feeling like you’re in a bind at the end of the day when you’ve hit your carb and fat allotments but are 30 grams short on protein.

Tip #5 Look for it in all the Things

Looks for protein rich carbs and veggies. Dark leafy veggies, beans, and legumes can be great additions to your diet. A lot of brands are also starting to add extra protein to their foods; you can find protein enriched pastas, crackers, and a variety of other snacks as well.