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About Tati


FMG Wellness Pro

hello my girl!

I’m so grateful our paths have crossed, my name is Tatiana and I can’t wait to connect with you further!


I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach, and FMG wellness pro. I have a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy and I love all things health, wellness, spirituality, and community!


I specialize in fat loss and muscle building in women. When I work with my clients, our main focuses are on; proper lifting technique, developing a nutrition protocol that prioritizes nutrient dense foods, and focusing on positive self talk.


My goal for everyone I work with is to spark their inner power through health and fitness! I honestly think that our fitness practice translates into everything we do! It helps to build confidence, resilience, and work ethic. It increases humility, connection to our body, and respect we have for ourselves. The effort we put into our fitness routine sculpts our physique, and  changes us on the inside just as much as it does on the outside. I truly love what I do.


Any other questions for me? Just ask! I love answering questions and connecting with my community!




Let's WorkTogether!

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In PersonTraining

Ready to look and feel your best? Let me guide you with 1:1 personalized training. We'll tailor each session to your unique goals and needs at Bird Rock Fit in sunny La Jolla, California.


Need a flexible workout routine? Whether at home or in the gym, you'll receive a customized online training program to meet your specific goals + weekly check-ins for accountability.

Nutrition Audit

Let's take your nutrition to the next level! I'll provide you with a personalized nutrition audit to assess your eating habits and align them with your wellness goals to help you feel your best!

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