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My name is Tatiana, I am a NASM certified personal trainer with a degree in Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy. I also teach barre, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, suspension, kettlebell, spin and battle rope group exercise classes. Exercise and nutrition have been my passions my entire life.


I competed in gymnastics for my entire childhood and most of my teenage life, gymnastics has had a huge influence in teaching me about proper body alignment and the importance of form. It has also taught me the importance of implementing core strength and flexibility in your daily fitness routine. It taught me a lot about pushing myself, about patience, about not giving up on your goals, and about the desire to become your very best self. However, the sport is not always as glorified as it seems, it is an extremely humbling sport, and it pushes your body further than most other sports at a very young age, when I was 14 I fractured my back which eventually led to me retiring from the sport. During this time period I was required to do a lot of rehabilitation exercises which inspired me to major in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy at San Diego State University. Here I studied biomechanics of the human body, anatomy, physiology, sports psychology, nutrition, corrective, functional and adaptive exercise techniques and much more over the course of four years.


Studying the human body and the impacts various exercise styles, movements, and foods have on it brought me to where I am today. I really love what I do and feel that exercise is truly the best medicine. The energy you feel when your exerting yourself and working your hardest, especially around people with similar goals and mindsets is truly addicting. By following the processes I implement in my programs you will begin to experience mental and physical growth which in turn will alter your views of yourself as well as the world around you, the results you will begin to see will have you hooked!

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