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Jordan Medel
Jordan Medel.jpg

I have worked with Tati on and off for a year. I enjoy her ideas, and teaching style. She is extremely personable and inspiring.


Her 12 week program truly changed my relationship with food and helped me lose 11lbs. Tati brings such a positive light to everything she does and makes something that seems scary or new fun and rewarding!


Jordan M


I have been working with Tati for almost 2 years and have lost 120lbs. This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. Tati has been very kind and patient with me on this journey and is very uplifting and empowering. She is very humble and understanding with anything I go through, yet she still recognizes the signs to keep pushing me. I love my Tati and would recommend her to anyone going through a journey like mine.




This program changed my relationship with food. Tati has been a good friend for years, but her inviting and non judgemental attitude is what makes you trust her with the most personal journey of weight loss. The group of women were amazing, the weekly meetings with new information about our bodies, chakras, hormones, and more were so informative. And the food suggestions were soo soo yummy and easy to incorporate! I also found myself never being "sad" I "couldn't" have a certain food. It was simply; listening to my body and learning if I really wanted it or just didn't and I've never had that food freedom before.




I've been working with Tatiana for a year now and have achieved the desired results, and then some. She is the ultimate professional, dedicated to bringing value to her clients. From workouts to nutrition to accountability, Tatiana is well rounded in all aspects and I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their health, physique and spiritual growth. This program (Food For The Soul) was so much more than I expected, I learned a lot. I feel more rested, more hydrated, and more positive. I focus now on what foods make my body feel like, I focus on sleep, and I know that my period is my report card. I really enjoyed the Intuitive Eating section, it was so countercultural and liberating. 



After a difficult 2020 and a knee surgery at the start of 2021, I knew I needed a reset. Working with Tatiana allowed me to look at myself not just from a physical perspective, but from an emotional and spiritual one as well. She helped me focus on nutrition and emotional well-being while recovering from surgery. She was encouraging, patient, and always available to answer questions or create modifications within my workouts. She was able to gently push me out of my comfort zone which ultimately led to significant changes. I am excited for our continued work together and highly recommend Tatiana for anyone looking for a change!



Jordan Fleshman.jpg

Working out with Tati is so fun! She makes the workouts actually exciting and entertaining rather than doing the saaammmeeee old thing every time. Tati actually listens to what you like and don't like and creates training you enjoy. She always pushes you to do your best, be your best and has the best attitude while doing it. We would always say; "If you're not excited, you're not invited" and it sets the tone to always show up with a good attitude to get the best workout in!

Jordan F


I'd like to start by saying Tati's my I know she puts her heart, soul, and a lot of hard-work into anything she does. However, the Food for the Soul Program completely exceeded my already high expectations. It was so amazing participating in a program that challenges you physically - but it also challenged me mentally and spiritually. I loved that there were so many different exercises that I'd never seen or tried before. Tati also cultivated a little family of badass females who supported and encouraged each other which was truly one of the most amazing experiences. I also LOVED the guest speakers! I learned so many healthy habits regarding eating, forgiving myself for slip ups, and being kinder to myself. I also lost 11 pounds in the process and feel so much more confident in my body.




I'm lucky to say that Tati was not only my trainer but my friend! I started training with Tati a couple months after I graduated from college, I had really packed on some alcohol/party weight! She completely changed the way I looked at working out and meal prep. Tati has a way of making everything fun, her energy literally will light up an entire building! She personalized everything we did to fit my personal needs, and would send daily/weekly texts to check in with how I was doing or see if I needed help planning meals/reaching my macros. After I started working as a nurse on nights she helped to tailor our training/eating again to fit those new/demanding needs. Working with Tati will truly change your life. She is a breath of fresh air and the brightest light to have on your side throughout your fitness journey.


Kelsey K
Kelsey K

Tati is magic. I've always struggled with "dieting" and being miserable the whole time, but what she provided with the food for the soul program is a way to create a healthy relationship with food. Honestly, I didn't feel like I was limiting myself and it's a lifestyle change I have been able to maintain. Her workouts are phenomenal and her yoga classes were some of my favorites. I was feeling so much better about my body even after the first few weeks! However, she provided so much more than these things. She connected a group of badass women to support eachother and brought in guest speakers that taught us about everything from maintaining goals to working with your menstrual cycle. I honestly could write pages about how much I loved working with Tati and her program, but the biggest gift was how she taught me to love myself and my body, no matter what stage it's in.




As soon as I saw Tati's instagram I KNEW she was the person I've been searching for to help me build my dream body! Her holistic and spiritual approach to fitness make her sessions so unique and powerful! And we laugh SO much together! In the last 3 months training with Tati I have hit goals I've been trying to reach my entire life! And damn it feels good! I'm so confident and empowered working with her! I actually lift heavy weights now, I can do hard yoga poses like handstand and crow pose, I have lost 19 pounds, 4% body fat, 3 inches off my hips, and 2.5 inches off my thighs!



I loved Tati's 12 week program! My goal from the beginning was to be able to stay consistent and not to do a crash diet. I didn't want to reach my goal, and then revert back like I had done in the past. She made me feel okay about having a 'cheat meal' here and there as long as I kept my end goal in mind. I also loved the program because it covered so much more than nutrition, such as ways to fuel my mind and body with positivity. I feel so much healthier and am thrilled with the results!




I love working with Tati! As someone who works in the Wellness industry, it's super important for me to commit to my own healing. This year I decided to up level my fitness by committing to weekly sessions with Tati. As a result, I feel so much STRONGER and confident in my body. I was definitely a little bit afraid of lifting heavy but that's no longer the case. I see and feel the benefits and I am hooked! Not only does she kick may A$$ but we're constantly laughing and connecting, our sessions are seriously so fun! I'm so grateful our paths crossed and to have Tati in my corner!



I can't say enough great things about Tatiana! I worked with her for about a year prior to getting married! She got me to my goals and made me feel great about myself for my big day! She taught me how to use intuitive eating as well as macro counting, and her online app helped to keep me accountable. Anytime I needed help she was a text away, always making herself available for her clients. She always kept my injuries, and "weak knees" in mind when assigning workouts. Which is what we all want in a trainer right? Someone who listens! The big thing she taught me is to "think" while exercising. Think of the muscles you intend to workout as you're working them. I still think about this while I move patients at work, I use my training in everyday life! As for one on one training, all I can say is WOW, her undivided attention really made me feel confident while lifting weights!



First off I would like to say how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to get my ass kicked by Tatiana. It was definitely all worth it. I have seen so much improvement in the time we've been together. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Her positive attitude and encouragement has been nothing short of amazing. Her 12 week program is something I would recommend to everyone! I was nervous at first being within the group, but by the end it was like a trust circle where you have the ability to be vulnerable and strong. I've applied a lot of what I learned to my daily life and I was able to lose 15 pounds in 12 weeks!!!! I was so excited because I felt as if my weight would never come off, but it did. I feel better, I look better and I love myself more. Thank you, Tati for helping me get to this point.


Lauren Dawson.jpg
Lauren Dawson

Tatiana helped me heal my relationship with food and weights through nutrition coaching and personal training. I have learned how to eat and properly fuel my body, and how to get a little bit stronger everyday through weight training. If you're looking to get more fit and feel your best, Tatiana is the coach you want on your team to help guide you through a sustainable health journey!



Finally a healthy routine that works! Doing Tati's 12 week nutrition program taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food without having to be on a strict "diet". I was able to learn what was healthy for my body and could feel a difference in my energy, mood, and confidence shortly after starting! Instead of focusing on losing weight for a short term period, I was learning to nourish my body & make important lifestyle changes. Not only did I lose 11 lbs, I also gained knowledge on portion sizing, nutrition, and creating a healthy lifestyle that I will continue to stick to.



I want to say Tati is the best trainer I've worked with but she's not, she's so much more than a trainer. She's more of a coach/angel lol. I've never met someone so passionate about health & not just the physical aspect - but COMPLETE & total health. She invests so much into your well-being & truly seems to care about you. My workouts have been shorter yet more challenging & my body has more definition than it ever has. Simply put, I've felt lighter ever since I've had the pleasure of working with this beauty & that's not just because of the lost pounds!



Omg.... I started training with Tati in November of 2020. I was depressed, had nothing to look forward to aside from work (just to stay busy) and needed some kind of structure. Although I wasn’t super motivated to workout most of the time because of the depression, I still pushed myself to do it. I went through some changes and breakthroughs in my personal life along my fitness journey, and working with Tati and being part of this program was what I needed. The support and making connections helped me in the sense that I didn’t feel alone. Now, I am mentally in such an amazing space!! And the opportunities that are starting to drop into my life is proof that my mindset has changed for the best.



I have been working with Tati for about a year and a half now. Working with Tati has been the greatest fitness experience I've ever had. She's very attentive to your goals and designs a program around your focus. She's amazing at keeping you informed with the different things that affect not only your physical health but your mental and spiritual health as well! Although I am an online client, Tati does everything in her power to assure me that I am not doing this alone. She checks in with you quite often via text and facetime where we discuss any questions, comments, or concerns I might have. My body may not yet be my "goal body" but because of her I have loved every second of this fitness journey. She challenges me and makes me push myself to reach my goals. She has shown me how empowering and sexy it feels to be strong!



It was such a pleasure to work with Tati. She is pure magic. Her energy is contagious (the good kind;) She has a holistic approach to fitness - body, soul, and mind. Tati is encouraging, supportive and will kick your booty into shape with a smile on her face. I so enjoyed training with her and felt her impact on my mental well-being along with the benefits of changing my body. I highly recommend her for all your training needs. Thank you Tati, for impacting my life, I am forever grateful for you and your beautiful soul.



Working with Tati was amazing! She really helped me heal my relationship with diet culture and tracking my food. Without her I would have never considered reverse dieting, or eating MORE to LOSE weight. I didn't even think that was possible to reach the goals I had. I trusted her throughout the process and I feel that kind of trust is so necessary in a coach and client relationship!



I have known Tati for about 9 years now (which is wild to think about) and if this woman puts her mind to something, she does it! The beauty of working with Tati is that all of that positive energy and encouragement rubs off on you, and you realize that you start to exude the same energy in your day to day life. Your body is changing, but so is your mind! And that's the most magical part. Food for the Soul was actually the second step for me on my weight loss journey. I had been calorie counting and getting back into exercising myself, and when I began plateauing, I decided it was time to get a more in depth understanding of Nutrition. Food for the Soul helped me figure out a number of ways to stay in touch with my body and its needs, while also giving me the tools to understand WHY my body reacts the way it does to things I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to put the pieces together and foster a healthy relationship with what is on their plate.



I had been stalking Tati for two years on social media before I finally took the plunge to care for myself for a change. Her Food for the Soul Program really helped me grasp hold of what was important for me and my body. Everything was laid out and easy to follow, the community she provided added accountability and positivity and was so inspiring. Thank you Tati for helping me build a strong foundation. I can only continue to grow from here!



My name is Lourdes Castro. I’m 55 years old and I have been training with Tatiana since April 19th, 2021. My goal was to get more toned when I started the 12 week program. I’ve been running for 22 years with some on and off weight training but I can honestly say I have never seen such changes in my body until I started training with Tatiana. She has taught me so much from how to eat right, to how to build muscle and stay lean and also so much about spiritual health and how to embrace inner beauty. I didn’t know how much protein intake I was lacking in my every day meals. I’ve lost body fat while gaining muscle. She has been instrumental in this journey and I love how knowledgeable and accessible she is. I’ve been so happy with her program I have continued to train with her. Tatiana is such a motivational and positive person I feel blessed to have found her.



Before working with Tati I was not feeling confident in my body. I had put on some weight while in a relationship and really needed the accountability and guidance getting back into working out. Tati is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She makes you feel comfortable and will probably become a good friend of yours because of her very positive and  personable personality.

In just 4 months I was feeling the most confident I had not only in my body but overall every part of my life. It's amazing what all shifts when you start focusing on your health. I'm so grateful to have worked with Tati. She has been such a positive light in my life!


Alexis 1.jpeg
Alexis 2.jpg

My name is Alexis and I am 24. I have never been an active person but I knew I needed to make a change so I started looking for people to help me with my fitness journey. I was instantly drawn to Tatiana’s page because I could already tell she was going to help me with my overall long term journey (not just the quick fix) and wow was I right! I also want to note that I have been working out with my mom who is 55. We found Tatiana together and she worked with us to craft work outs that fit both of our goals in mind. I highly recommend finding a friend/family member to workout with because it’s such a great bonding experience. Tatiana really has not only helped us look our best physically but she has also helped us feel our best from the inside out! She gives us information weekly so that we are making the most sustainable choices. Working with Tatiana has been the best decision and I can’t wait to continue another 3 month program with her! 


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