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chakra tone program

This program truly bridges the mind, body, spirit connection. It reminds us that to have a hot body, we must have a beautiful soul. It will transform not only your physique, but the way you view and interact with your spiritual body and the universe around you.

Yes, you get access to next level weekly workouts. These workouts are designed for results. They will challenge your full body; engaging your abs, boosting your booty, and toning your arms and back.

Along with your workouts you will receive a weekly Chakra Focused Yoga Class, a weekly Chakra Meditation, Journal Prompts, Affirmations, Chakra Guides AND a weekly call

with not just one but TWO transformation coaches. Myself, and Kelley Snyder (@kelleysnyderknows on instagram) who is an intuitive, yoga teacher, and reiki master.

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