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If you want a creative, fun, and effective workout to follow but don’t feel like you

need a hands on coach and also want to save money in the process, these un- coached programs are PERFECT for you. You will still receive access to my exclusive training app, where each workout has videos of me performing each exercise and also contains the reps, sets, and exercise order. Although these programs are un-coached, the app will still allow you to track your progress through progress photos, rating of each workout, and tracking the weight used so you can push yourself further and further each week! These programs will begin the following Monday after your purchase date. You will have access to them for the duration of the program and then access to the app will be terminated unless you move into a different program. For example, if you purchase the 9 week “Booty Babes” Program on a Wednesday, the program will open for you the upcoming Monday and remain open for a total of 9 weeks.

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