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✨2022 we welcome You!✨

Wow! Can you believe we’re already a week into the new year?!

2022 has some energy to it doesn’t it?!

In numerology, 2022 would be considered a “6 universal year” (a universal year is established by adding all the numbers in the year together; 2+0+2+2). It is said that the energy of that number is the constant energy we feel as a collective throughout the entirety of the year.

In numerology the number 6 correlates with Nurturing and Balance.

So, this year, how can you Nurture your career, home, relationships, health and most importantly self?

Some of my favorite ways to nurture myself are;

🌞Getting vividly clear on my vision and goals

🌞 Moving my body with love and Intention

🌞Getting out in nature on a daily basis (oohhh the healing magic found in the trees and ocean)

🌞Making nourishing, beautiful, colorful meals

🌞Carving out alone time to sit in silence

🌞Listening to some sexy music while burning my favorite scents

🌞Uncontrollable Laughing with my Friends

🌞And of course; Cuddling with my Partner

Since it’s the first of the year, I think it’s only right that I dive a little deeper into the “getting clear on my vision and goals” part

As much as you can, I would advise to do just that! Get clear! Get specific! No desire you can dream up is too big or too small!

Get Specific; “If you don’t have a vision, they’re going to tell you what your vision is!” You are YOUnique, use this new years energy to help you carefully craft a life you love! I want to re-iterate LOVE, yes, life has tough moments, but you deserve to wake up excited in the morning! And if you’re not, there’s no better moment than now to start making some changes!

To help you get specific on your vision, pick a few areas of your life

you’d like to highlight this year!

I choose;




🌿Mental Health and Mindset

🌿Friends and Family


Next, come up with Actionable steps that can help you reach the goals in the areas you’ve chosen! You can even break these down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks!

To dive deeper on the “daily” part, here’s how I use my morning to intentionally win my day;

I find it to be so helpful to start with a meditation or grounding ceremony so you start the day from a space of relaxation and intent instead of stress and haste and then I write out:

💛 2 things I’m grateful for

  • abundance is one of the highest vibrations! And the universe is like a mirror, as you recognize and appreciate the things that you do have, you will begin to call in even more of what you desire!

💛 1 “I am” statement. An I am statement is something I want to be doing in the near future, I visualize this as clearly as possible! Clear visualization and belief programs your self conscious to think that that is your new reality, and it starts to filter in more and more things that will align you with that scenario, and filter out the things that do not!

  • 5 things I need to do that day before I fall asleep to help me get to my my ultimate goals!

  • Keep in mind, women are meant to live in FLOW. The feminine nature is

that of receiving, so with my tasks I aim to find balance. Some things may be extremely task oriented such as, go to the DMV, email clients, or create workout plans. Whereas others may be more passive such as; split up your day with a quick walk around the block, meditate this morning, journal reoccurring feelings, block out time to just be.

Nothing to me feels better than walking in alignment! Sending you all love and blessings this 2022!


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