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How to Combat Comparison Syndrome

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Summer is here! (I know I know, I said that in last month's blog too! ) But now, not only is it summer…BUT we’ve also officially entered vacation season.

Now, I bet you think you know where I’m going with this; “5 ways to eat healthy on vacation? No. “My favorite workouts you can do anywhere?” Wrong. “Top supplements I’d recommend bringing in your suitcase on your next trip?” Not even close! This is more important than any of those!

In today’s newsletter, I want to touch base with you on comparison syndrome because trust me, on the weeks you’re home this summer putting in work, your social media is going to be flooded with;

- Hot girls. In bikinis. On yachts. Frolicking in the South of France. - Pristine queens sipping on Aperol spritz somewhere in Europe - Mega Babes greeting you with a hair flip while backstage at music festivals - An effortless goddess embarking on a grand adventure while holding the hand of a man (with a very nice watch) who’s jussstttt outside the camera frame - And LOTS (and lots) of lovely couples announcing their engagement

Should all these things be celebrated? HELLZ YEAH! But it’s also human to look at all the extravagance others are experiencing and to compare it to your day-to-day life, which may feel less than inspiring at times. So in those instances, here are a few things I recommend trying;

Remind yourself of what's real I know you’ve heard this 1,000,000 times, but Instagram is a highlight reel. You can quite literally curate your feed to portray you and your life however you want! We have no idea what’s actually going on behind the scenes for anyone and we have to keep that in mind. No one’s life is perfect, everyone has tough times. Focus on what’s real! Your friends, family, career, and goals deserve far more attention than someone else’s post. Remember; most people had to work really hard to get where they are Sometimes when we get into a “dirty scroll” - as I like to call it (actually laughing at myself 😂) It can be easy to wonder why so and so is at one point in their life and you’re not. Sometimes you might find yourself coming up with reasons why…“it’s because their families are rich," “it’s because she knows the owner of the company,” “it’s because she has good genetics” or maybe… “it’s because she worked really f*cking hard to get there. In some cases someone may have had something handed to them, but in the vast majority of cases that person is working every day to be where they are! Get inspired - and get back to putting in max effort and you’ll get there too! <3

Cut the noise In my online programs we discuss; “energy givers” and “energy suckers.” If you realize you’re going down the rabbit hole, put your phone down and swap to an energy-giving activity such as; a walk outside, meditation, stretching, a few deep breaths, a self-massage, cooking a nourishing meal, talking with a friend, or earthing in the sunshine Curate your feed If there are any accounts you specifically find triggering - unfollow! You don’t need to tell them or anyone else for that matter. Prioritize following creators who inspire you, make you laugh, or teach you something! I once heard someone advise us to “make your feed look like your vision board” and I loved that idea so much. Consider what their day-to-day is like I find this point especially helpful. Think about what you would actually have to do on a daily basis to live that lifestyle. For example; I have a friend whose husband is a lawyer. Sometimes I’ll think; “wow, they already have houses, they’re so secure, they’re such adults. Maybe I should have gone for the Doctor or Lawyer route instead.” And then I think about having to be in meetings all day, having to run data and analytics, and consider the stress and long hours of the job and I know that would never be for me. Or what about an influencer? It looks glamorous and fun. It looks like you get endless free trips and products. But then, I think about how I would have to interrupt every moment of my trip to get the perfect photo. Or how I’d have to post things even when I’m not passionate about them. Or the pressure to show up perfect all the time. Or how many negative comments I’d have to sift through on a daily basis. And once again I know it’s not for me. I think about how much I love the women and brands I work with. I think about how happy it makes me to see them improve. I realize how passionate I am about nutrition and fitness. And although my business hasn’t yet reached my “ultimate goals” and may at times move slower than I’d like…I know in my heart I’m on the right path and sharing my purpose 💖

Cheers to celebrating other people’s successes and trusting in the Universe that everything will come to us in divine timing! ✨




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