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Things You'll Develop in Pursuit of Your Fitness Goals

And just like that… it’s July!

The first half of the year is officially behind us!!

Did it go how you’d imagined?

Did you try new things? Travel? Build new connections?

Have you been practicing self-care? Have you been chasing your dreams?!

All of the above? None of the above??

I know in my own life the beginning of this year has had SO many blessings, so many lessons learned, lots of laughter, and of course tons of moments where I’ve had to really reach down and dig something out of myself to keep pushing onwards with hope and positivity.

If you follow my social media, you probably know that I am currently in the process of prepping for another fitness competition. And this isn’t just anyyy competition; this is…the WORLD championships! 🌎

Not only that, but since I won my first competition I will now be competing at the “pro” level, which means that all the other girls I am competing against have also won a show before. Yikes! Talk about kicking it up a notch!

Working towards this goal of mine has been a HUGE piece of how I’ve been spending my time over the last 6 months. When I sign up for something like this,

I plan to be competitive, not just to participate. 💪🏼

As you could imagine, to do so requires a lot of dedication. If we’re being honest I truly do enjoy the process…but, IF we’re being honest the process is also isolating, exhausting, and an absolute grind.

It requires patience, positivity, dedication, hard work, pushing through pain, pushing through exhaustion, fighting temptation, and saying "no" to a wide range of social events.

That being said, so many positives develop when you relentlessly pursue a goal NO MATTER what that goal may be!


This month I wanted to share…

Things You Will Develop by Being Relentless

in the Pursuit of Your Fitness Goals

(but honestly, most of these apply to any goal, not just fitness)

Your confidence skyrockets. 💫 And I’m not referring to this from a physical perspective AT ALL. I’m talking about true, unwavering confidence on a cellular level. Your confidence improves when you KEEP THE PROMISES YOU MAKE TO YOURSELF! There’s honestly nothing like it! When you KNOW and have complete faith in yourself that you will not break, no matter how hard things get. You will begin to have an entirely different perspective when it comes to yourself and what you’re capable of.

Okay, now I’ll say it… Confidence from a physical perspective is sure to improve too. I would be lying if I didn’t think that watching my physical transformation isn’t SICK! I mean - I was entirely unaware until last year that women could have “abs on their back” (if you know you know lol 😂) It’s incredible what our bodies are capable of! You will begin to carry yourself differently, see yourself differently, show up differently, and most importantly have faith in your strength. Going all in on a goal tends to make all other areas of your life follow suit.

I truly believe the universe feels you stepping into alignment and responds accordingly. The last time I did my show everything seemed to pick up; my business, my finances, connections + new relationships with like-minded people. I had new exciting ideas ALL the time, I was more organized, my skin was glowing (good nutrition will do that to ya), I was getting asked to host workshops and speak at events, my reach on social media grew, honestly things were just in flow, I was vibrating at an entirely new level. It’s addicting. You get clarity on your “Hell Yes” and “Hell NO.” I finally stick to my boundaries and don't go to things that I don’t wholeheartedly want to go to. This has directly made the events I DO go to even more meaningful! Of course, I still make sure I go to the important things; I will forever attend everyone's birthdays, engagement parties, and true celebrations. But, I no longer show up to places where I know I will have meaningless conversations or be in low-vibe energy out of guilt, or the need to feel relevant

- and it's been glorioussss. Staying relentless in the pursuit of your goals does require sacrifices. And those sacrifices often highlight your true friendships VS your “party friends”. Oh baby does your circle get smaller, but I see it as a gift. Quality not quantity. Sometimes silence can be loud AF. You wake up feeling good EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK! It’s insane when you’re not drinking, (check out my fav alcohol substitute below 😍) and you’re eating high-quality foods, how good you feel waking up. I can’t sleep in past 6:30AM if I try! However, I hop out of bed energized and excited about what I GET to do that day because I am living for my goals and I have forward momentum as I progress. The majority of your time is spent with intention. This goes hand in hand with the fact that I’m not drinking, and I’m only attending important events, but nowadays, even though I have this huge commitment I feel I have more time in my day. This is because; I’m never hungover + “recovering” on the couch, I get up earlier, and I don’t spend my weekends just “existing” at bars (hello to my early 20's lol). Because of that, I can do more things I enjoy like being outdoors in the sunshine, going on walks, working on my laptop from cute coffee shops, and having meaningful conversations with friends who have their own vision in mind.

A few other important things to note

as you deep dive into your fitness journey

Prepare to experience a greater connection to your body. An insatiable hunger to learn more about properly fueling your body. An inclination to deep dive into our food system (it's scary lol 🫣). Improved work ethic. More positive energy + mindset. Enhanced discipline. Higher standards at work. Higher standards in partnerships. Higher standards literally all around.

So basically, once you take the red pill….there's no going back. Okay?


I hope this inspires you to really dive head over heels into your goals

if you haven’t already! It may be scary, but you will learn, experience, grow, and FEEL so much! And I would love to support you!

If you're looking for more accountability and a community

to help you reach your fitness goals, then I invite you to check out the

The women in here are crushing it! Encouragement can be such a game-changer!

👯‍♀️ 💪🏼

Tap "Here!” to start your journey! <3

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone!

Climb that mountain to the top, my girl, the view's better up here ✨



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