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“I refuse to sacrifice my Health for the Hustle”

“I refuse to sacrifice my Health for the Hustle”

“I refuse to sacrifice my Health for the Hustle”

This is one of my affirmations I’m working with and reminding myself of this year and I know SO many people can relate.

I’m an incredibly hard worker. It has and always will be engrained in me too give 111%.

I’m a Sagittarius sun sign, Leo rising, and Capricorn moon.

To be honest I’ve never really felt connected to my Capricorn moon. Now that I’m older I realize my work ethic is so Capricorn it’s uncanny. Capricorn is considered the “worker” of the zodiac. The goat. Always chipping away, trying to climb the mountain, not taking short cuts, being as fair as possible, horns down pushing up and up.

Something I realized though is when you’re always in grind mode, and not equally incorporating times of rest, relaxation, and receiving, it’s a recipe for burnout.

Not only that, but the natural energy of the feminine is to receive. So constantly living in the masculine “give” mode can start to create imbalances that manifest in many areas throughout your life.

So what does not sacrificing my health for the hustle look like to me?

✨not over expending myself by doing aggressive workouts when I’m fatigued, low energy, or in the beginning days of my cycle

✨not over-caffeinating to create a sense of false energy

✨not adding extra early/late hours into my day to accommodate clients who miss sessions

✨not continuing to give to one sided friendships or relationships

✨not working through meal breaks

✨not agreeing to work or do tasks that don’t feel like an equal energy exchange to me

✨using my throat chakra and speaking up for how I feel instead of burying down emotions or thoughts

I recently shared how I was able to heal my hormones, and I think a HUGE part of this was changing my values, and saying no when I need to (which I for sure still struggle with lol). This has led to; more sleep, less stress, less exhaustion, less stress snacking, truer relationships and an all around healthier me in body and mind ⭐️

What do you refuse to sacrifice in the name of Health?


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