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Love Yourself, First 💕

Happy February!

The love month! Isn’t it funny how a month so hyper-focused on “Love” can sometimes make you feel the most alone.

Whether you’re spending this holiday with the love of your life, your best friends, your family, your pet, or you’re riding solo, I want you to know how totally LOVED you are, how important you are, and the value that you’re capable of adding to the world!

Recall that you are the only you there will ever be! And you were carefully designed in purpose, on purpose, for a purpose!

It’s common for people to seek outside validation as a way of feeling loved. I know we’ve all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. But remember, Love is a feeling that comes from within. You may find a partner that brings out more love in you than you ever thought possible, but that love is still originating from within you, it was not given to you by them. So for that reason, Self Love is of the utmost importance.

Not only will practicing self love attract more loving relationships into your hemisphere because of the frequency you’re putting out ✨be the vibration you want to attract✨, BUT it will also make you feel so much more empowered, happy, healthy, and motivated.

I’ve worked with SO many women, in so many different stages of life, from so many backgrounds, and if there’s one message I’d like to get across *ESPECIALLY during love month* it’s to;

💕Love yourself and your body during EVERY season of your fitness journey.💕

Both fitness and self love are a never ending journey. And yes, I believe you can love yourself and your body and still want to improve yourself and your body (whatever that may look like to you). That being said I want to share with you all some practices I’d recommend incorporating to draw more love into your life on a consistent basis:

1. Start off your Morning with Love -

This one makes me smile just thinking about it <3

The energy you start your morning with is the energy you take with you into your day. CHOOSE LOVE! Whether that’s cuddling with your partner, snuggling with your pet, talking kindly to yourself, or sending a quick heartfelt message to a loved one, take some time to slow down and relish in loving vibrations.

2. Practice Gratitude -

The universal language of our reality is ENERGY.

Everything is energy and like attracts like, if you embody abundance deep gratitude towards that which you do have, you will call in so much more to be grateful for.

3. Develop an Affirmation Practice -

Affirmations are SO powerful! I am that I am!

Repeated affirmations may feel silly in the beginning, but they actually re-wire your subconscious, allowing you to begin to believe things you may not have prior. And once you believe it, it completely shifts your awareness, so you can become it. Choose big scary affirmations and watch your doors begin to open up for you and lead you to that ultimate goal.

“I am traveling the world with the love of my life” (I may or may not use this one :)

“I am infinitely abundant in both money and love”

“I am manifesting my dream job with every decision I make”

4. Make a “Love List” -

Jot down everything you loveeee! Nothings too big or small!

After you’ve written it out take time to be grateful that each of these things exist! And then vow to involve them more frequently in your life.

5. Pamper yourself -

Do things that make you feel damn good!

Might I suggest a warm bath with rose quartz and a vibe-y playlist :) (if you’re in need of a playlist you know where to DM me)

6. Get out in Nature -

This always makes me feel so free. Nature is so overwhelmingly powerful, she’s a representation that there is so much more to this world than meets the eye. Nature is a constant reminder of just how small our problems truly are, and also that we have all we could ever need.

She has a magical way of recalibrating your emotions, soothing your soul, and bringing you back to a vibration of love and interconnectedness.

Take your shoes off and ground down in all Pachamama has to offer.


This is a big one!

Embrace the sexy Goddess that you are!!

Why play small? Why hide your beauty and talents?

Sharing your talents is honestly one of the most generous things you can do!

What if all of us walked around sharing the things we love and are good at? Well, we would probably be happier, more inspired, more motivated, and not plagued with feelings of indifference, boredom, and purposelessness.

Do the things that light your soul on fire. Do it with people who give you butterflies. And wear the outfit that might be “too much”, it’ll only help you attract more of your tribe.

Happy Valentines Day Lovers! 💓


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