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  • You look in the mirror and see muscle definition in your arms, legs, and glutes. Your waist is tight and you’re feeling stronger than ever.


  • Food is no longer a complicated subject. You know what to eat to feel your best and what foods help you build the body of your dreams.


  • You are more aligned with your authentic self. You are prioritizing self-care, honoring your body’s cycle and natural hormonal rhythms.


  • You are educated with the latest wellness research. You’ve learned about cycle-syncing, stress reduction, gut health, chakra balancing, sleep hygiene, and more.


  • Your confidence has sky-rocketed. Friends and family begin to notice this new version of you and want to know your secret.

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  • You want to make a serious lifestyle change...but you don‘t know where to begin and could really use the help of an experienced trainer.

  • You’re struggling with what to eat. You want to lose weight but you’re tired of feeling deprived or unsatisfied with your food choices.

  • Your brain won’t stop with the negative chatter! You know it’s important to speak kindly to yourself, yet need some proven practices to help you overcome the negative self-talk.

  • You’ve tried doing it by yourself a million times. Now you realize the best way to change is to have a supportive community surrounding you, encouraging you every step of the way!

...all of this is possible with Spiritually Lifted


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An online wellness program for the spiritually inclined lifter. Transform your mind, body, and spirit in just 12 weeks.

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  • Access to the Spiritually Lifted training app for workouts + track progress

  • 48 workouts with zero guesswork and instructional videos for each

  • Two-part nutrition program (starting with calculating your macros, then finishing with intuitive eating)

  • 12 weekly emails with wellness topics + challenges to integrate what you are learning

  • Access to a recipe share page to make mealtime fun and easy

  • Weekly coaching calls guided by Tatiana or one of our incredible wellness experts

  • In-app messaging access with Tatiana

  • Connection, support + accountability from Tatiana and your group of soul sistas in our high-vibe group chat

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We will have six guest speakers offering their knowledge and expertise to help you along your fitness journey! Take a look at the topics, which one are you most excited for? 😍

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“I am so happy with all the results that I’ve been seeing! This program helped me with building a community in my gym which I am so grateful for.

The workout routine has helped me a lot even in stressful times and has become natural for me to move my body if not necessary. I enjoy working out and I don’t see it as a chore anymore. I am playful, I talk nice to myself, I am not afraid to fail or look stupid trying new exercises at the gym.


Last, but not least, I am really proud of how much my body changed during such a short amount of time. I am excited for what’s gonna come next!"

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Choose between the gym or home program.

Both offer the same benefits! 🥰

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This is my 5th year hosting this program

and I am bringing out ALL the stops…

  🍽️ Top-notch meal planning

  🍑 A workout series that will have you asking “Who dat?”

  ✍🏼 Journal prompts to heal your inner critic

  🌟 Prizes for best transformation

  😍 A safe container for you to be yourself

  💡 An array of inspiring + thought-shifting guest speakers sharing their wealth of knowledge to help you learn + grow!


  • I'm a WBFF wellness pro and achieved pro status at my 1st show

  • I've trained over 300 women

  • I'm currently in breathwork teacher training

  • I'm a certified yoga instructor and LOVE creating vibey playlists + including womb work in my classes

  • Fitness, traveling, and music festivals are my favorite things to do! It's a huge goal of mine to teach yoga at a festival abroad one day!

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JANUARY 8, 2024

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These ladies went ALL IN on their wellness and it shows! 

🌟 In just 12 weeks... this could be YOU! 🌟

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  • Why should I join this program instead of the $20/month program I saw on Instagram?
    My girl. The caliber of this program versus the cookie-cutter, copy and paste programs you see fitspos push on social media is so indescribably different. The clarity, direction, and support within this program is everything you need for paradigm-shifting results. If you have questions that need to be answered, you will have access to a REAL, living trainer, not a bot. You will have macronutrients calculated SPECIFIC for you, your body, and your goals to follow. You will have an entire group of women behind you to hold you accountable and provide support to you when you need it. AND you will have the energy of investment behind you! Money is a CURRENCY, the universe wants to see you invest in yourself, and allow your currency to flow. On top of that - I want to work with women who are committing to making changes, and appropriate investments yield committed clients.
  • When does the program start?
    We will be utilizing alllll the fresh New Year's energy by beginning promptly on Monday, January 8! However, you will receive your login info for the training app and a variety of getting-started documents to help you transition into the program upon signing up.
  • Is there a difference between the gym or home program?
    Both workout programs are fun, effective, and designed for results! I always recommend choosing the program you believe you will adhere to best. For example, if you’re a busy mom and know you will only have an hour so between babies napping to workout, definitely opt for the home program even IF there’s a chance the gym one “could” work for you. If there’s nothing holding you back from the gym aside from nerves, I would recommend the gym program! Some reasons I recommend the gym program instead is because you will have access to more equipment, heavier weights to exchange out as your strength increases, and people tend to take less rest breaks plus push more when they workout outside of the house.
  • What equipment do I need for the home workouts?
    A glute resistance band, one set of heavy dumbbells, and one set of light dumbbells. Recommended, but not required are a swiss ball and a kettlebell.
  • Do I have to track my macros to participate?
    NO! Nothing in this program is required! I’m a huge proponent of listening to your body and your soul. Macro tracking is an incredible way to learn about food and calories and kickstart your results, as well as to create regular eating intervals and ensure that you’re eating enough protein. I like to treat food tracking as an incredible learning opportunity, that being said, if you find it triggering or don’t want to do it for any reason, you don’t have to.
  • When is the weekly live call? What if I miss the live call?
    Our weekly group calls will be on Wednesdays @ 6pm PST via Zoom. Every call is recorded and sent out afterward for your convenience!

If you are ready to make a serious lifestyle change...

and watch your mind, body, spirit transform ✨

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